Learn to be alert and relaxed
in every situation...

Mindfulness is for Everyone

The practice of mindfulness cuts through distraction and strengthens the ability to focus on the present no matter what we are doing. By training the 'muscles' of the mind to relax and by synchronizing the mind and body with the present, you can be mindful wherever you are — walking, driving, sitting quietly, engaged in conversation — in the midst of you life.

What We Offer

We offer on-site training in mindfulness meditation for organizations and individuals. Mindful in the Midst provides thorough instruction, practical experience, and in-depth discussion, with flexible schedules to fit your needs. Our goal is to make meditation easy to understand so you can benefit from the practice right away.

Our Instructors

Mindful in the Midst is comprised of trained meditation teachers with a wealth of experience developing their own practices and working with others. It is our wish to share the benefits of mindfulness practice with your workplace or home so that you can be more fully present for all that you do.

Some of our clients

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

KLD Research & Analytics, Inc

Babson College

Accion International

Friedman Suvalle & Salomon

Russell Sage College